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  • What a pity Wenger is not allowed to open his mouth and state the obvious without being accused of moaning - poor souls who criticise are not ingtelligent enough to do or say anything but call him a whinger.. all other managers can say what they like when they like but intelligent Wenger is not allowed to speak!

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    • i agree 100% with your comments anne

    • Maybe after Mark Hughes hit out at the apes from Stoke this week something might be done.

    • Put your handbags away, roll up your sleeves and get stuck in.

      I agree with some of Wenger's points, but this is football, not basketball. There is a certain degree of contact allowed and it's up to the referees to maintain the levels. Wenger should be firing off at the referees until they begin to see that certain teams are taking physical contact a little too far.

      One other point I feel obligated to make. When Wenger and his Arsenal side were at the peak of their powers with the unbeatables several years ago what players made up their core that allowed the creative footballers to run riot?
      Tony Adams - Glorified thug with good timing.
      Martin Keown - Glorified thugh with worse timing.
      Lee Dixon - Bruising enforcer who would kick another player over if he couldn't win the tackle fairly.
      Nigel Winterburn - Guy who looked like butter wouldn't melt but scythed down the opposition regularly.
      Patrick Viera - A wild octopus of a player whose gangly, rangy limbs flailed with great effect, although not always fairly.
      Emmanuel Petit - Slow and strong, physical and aggressive, equally destructive.

      My point - Did any of us here Wenger whinging about the physicality of the game overshadowing the beauty of the game? Hell no we didn't. His side then had the muscle needed to frighten and tame opponents and the talent and skill to dazzle and confuse. His current team have dazzle-a-plenty but no enforcers. There is a slight hypocritical tone in his voice when you look at his past squads. That would be like Fergie ripping the midfield enfourcers when Robson then Keane were the first names on his teamsheets week after week.