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  • Tony Tony Oct 4, 2010 02:16 Flag

    liverpool going down!

    Ha ha ha i love the fact that liverpool are stuck at the bottom. Right where they deserve to be. man utd still up there as always in the top three where they belong.
    As i always say every season when i hear Liverpool fans shoot down man utds chances. wait until the end of the season because despite how things start we always get better as the season goes on. looking forward to seeing liverpool in the championship next season.

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    • Liverpool are not going down they have already gone,if the derby was anything to go by then the championship awaits,nothing on the bench and no so called big players to come back into the team...take that back poulsen,and agger who by the way does not want to play.........see you soon on the football league show on a sat night about 1140 every week

    • i so hope they are relegated . as the liverpool people think they have a god given right to be in the prem . well they dont what have they done recently sod all . just another team that spend and spend. where are all the youngsters ,they always had youngsters coming through. as for the manager leave him to do the job and he will .dalgleish may want the job but he wont be able to sort this shower out .if they dont want to play they wont . i would guess that mr gerrard is stiring things up a bit like he does with england.

    • Not a scouser fan but lets be realistic !! It is unlikely they will go down, but also equally unlikely they will get into the top 4 in fact I think a top 10 finish would be a realistic goal for them unless they get a serious injection of cash NOW to spend in January