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  • LBgoode LBgoode Mar 16, 2011 01:09 Flag

    Fernando Torres

    Sorry Nando you blew it the day you signed for Chelski, Liverpool were spot on to sell you for that price, already they have a guy who plays with a smile on his face and is a better player technically than you will ever be, in fact Suarez reminds me of you in your early games and I don't get the feeling this guy will sulk and now we have owners who are willing to take this club forward and yet you keep on talking about Liverpool , I think you know you made the wrong move and that's why you have to justify it to yourself. I hold no grudges nor do most fans at LFC because now the dust is settling we have definitely got the better in Suarez and Carroll.

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    • As a life long LIVERPOOL fan. I'm glad Torres has gone tbh. On his day he is a world beater no doubt about it. But those days were getting fewer and fewer.

      So thanks to Chelski for taking him off our hands lol. Oh and the six points this season : )

      And i hope the mighty blades don't go down i really do.