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  • Paul A Paul A Oct 17, 2010 22:36 Flag

    Fernando Torres

    I'm not a Liverpool fan but I am a fan of Fernando Torres. His recent lack of form for Spain and Liverpool seems to stem from when he stopped dying his hair. Please dye it blond again Fernando.

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    • he will lose his form FOREVER...

    • Or he could have been a flash in the pan, a one trick pony. Was Torres' game all about a frightening turn of pace that gave him the ability to get behind the defenders? Has that pace gone with the knee troubles? These questions have been asked before haven't they? Yes, of Michael Owen. What turned out to be true for him - a string of injuries that may yet end his career prematurely. The problem with all jet heeled players - their careers are short lived because once the hamstrings and knees decide they've overclocked once too often they give out.

    • I agree, players tend to lose form when they change their hair style- remember Romanian 1998 world cup team, they all dyed their hair yellow and were dumped out. Drogba is another example when he decided to plait
      his hair, the list goes on

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      • Sorry Nando you blew it the day you signed for Chelski, Liverpool were spot on to sell you for that price, already they have a guy who plays with a smile on his face and is a better player technically than you will ever be, in fact Suarez reminds me of you in your early games and I don't get the feeling this guy will sulk and now we have owners who are willing to take this club forward and yet you keep on talking about Liverpool , I think you know you made the wrong move and that's why you have to justify it to yourself. I hold no grudges nor do most fans at LFC because now the dust is settling we have definitely got the better in Suarez and Carroll.

    • love fernando...... performent you, best bgt!