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  • A Yahoo! User Oct 18, 2010 23:32 Flag

    What a bunch of Looooosers the EPL Referees are ...


    I am a german and watch the EPL regulary. I have to say that the referees from the EPL are the lowest level of Referees in all european competitions.

    This lousy Referees making nearly everything wrong. Arsenal get an undeserved penalty. The referee in the last game had not the level of an EPL Referee.

    The Referee in the game from Manchester City had even not the quality to be a Referee in a junior football match.

    The Referees in many opther games are just Jokers. The Assistance-Referees seems to have inferiority complexes, and make desicions to bring themself in the spotlight.

    I just laugh about this bunch of losers, who make desicions.
    I compare this desicons of these Clowns to casino gambling.

    Hahahahaha ..... funny loooooosers, the Referees of the english Premier League!