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  • DARRENK DARRENK Oct 29, 2010 03:40 Flag

    League Title vs European Cup

    Which is more important and harder to achieve a league title or a European Cup championship (either Champions League or UEFA Cup)? My friend and I debate this all the time, him contending that a certain spainard went to an english club and promtly won the ECC, so that makes him a great manager. I on the other hand contend that the same team has not won a domestic title in over a decade and that in the end any tournament (ECC, UEFA, FA Cup, Carling, and even World Cup) are just that a tournament. You play teams in single elimination or posibly in group stages and at most you play them three times. Once you hit single elimination, a bad day for the superior team, a lucky bounce, or a bit of bad luck and a lesser team wins. I would really like to know what your oppinion on this subject is.

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    • league title is by far the most important and most dificult to win.
      im a supporter of the team you mention and yes we are the most sucessfull english team in europe, but the league is still the most prized competition.
      all the fans that live on the fact that we have won 5 euro titles need to accept that it is just another f.a.cup but with better teams.
      its the league that all clubs, players and managers want.