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  • Although their home form isnt brilliant, they have the best away record in the league, I think their home form will return and that they have a real chance at wining the league

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    • You are right. I think Arsenal this year has a chance to win the trebble. Wenger has to realise though that Denilson is not good enough to play in midfield. Denilson should be sent away. Bentdner is not good either. He should be shipped off.

      Kolcieny? Now this kid should never have been brought in to start with. Hopefully he adjusts quickly. I would really like to see Vela get more chances instead of Arshavin.

    • I am not an arsenal fan, but I like the way they play, at least for 75 to 80 minutes. Concentration lapses towards the end of games has been their main problem. Wenger should ues the jan transfer window to get experienced defenders to marshal his defence if not................