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  • LESLIE JOHN LESLIE JOHN Jan 3, 2011 16:10 Flag

    Is there bias towards 'money' teams

    Absolute rubbish. Manchester City get horrible treatment from referees simply because they are a "money" team and especially from a handful of referees known to favour that other team in Manchester. Clattenburg is one obvious example..

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    • Critical decisions frequently benefit 'money' teams - and its sometimes down not to the 'money', per se, but to the fiercely partisan home crowd, the pressure that 'big club' players sometimes exert on referees - take Michael Carrick's recent rantings, or John Terry's continuous whining as two examples...
      Until there is technology introduced to the game - including goal line technology, video replays, and the micing up of refs and linesmen, we will never get a clear picture of what has actually motivated a referee, one way or another...