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  • KEITH D KEITH D Jan 21, 2011 00:11 Flag

    Is there bias towards 'money' teams

    The writer has a point , although I agree with the contributor who better describes the term as "prestige teams". I do not beleive any referee goes into any game consciously seeking to favour one team above the other-in the heat of the moment , somwthing does seem to influence them in favour of teh bigger teams .This suggests there is a clear "pecking order" in the top flight and has been for years -pundit Andy Townsend admitted so on TV a couple of years back as did Gareth Southgate when he was Manager of Middlesbrough .I remember Fergie moaning that his side never get any penalties if Rob Styles is the referee-and sure enough a few games later , Styles awards them a dodgy penalty . This MUST stop -I suggest that the FA appoint a committee made up of former players, ex-referees , pundits and supporters to examine controversial decisions and then present the evidence at the end of the season .