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  • SG SG Jan 27, 2011 05:45 Flag

    Is there bias towards 'money' teams

    Exactly as I stated earlier, "prestige teams" rather than money teams. If the Arabs stick around and Man City begin bringing home silverware for 2-3 straight years, they will then begin getting this preferential treatment. How many times has Vidic bundled someone over in the box and got away with it while Berbatov trips over a matchstick at the other end and wins a penalty. You mentioned Terry handling in his area, Carragher loves to use his arms as an extension of his torso without pinishment, whereas Liverpool win more penalties than most. There is definitely a bias toward teams like this. There are also teams who play for penalties. Remember how often Villa used to get penalties when Dion Dublin was around? Any fluke that they got penalties every other game at a time when their club was in posession of one of the greatest penalty takers?

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    • I'm not sure you can fault teams playing for penalties. There is no rule that says you can't utilise a player who is likely to be fouled in order to win free kicks and penalties. Providing the player is actually being fouled it is a whole different kettle of fish to diving.