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    Is there bias towards 'money' teams


    When teams in the lower half of the Premier League, get fair treatment when playing the ‘money’ teams? Too many referees appear to ignore ‘money’ team fouls, offside and penalties. In comparison the lower teams always get penalised, the decisions later shown on TV as referee 'error'.
    I conclude there is a unwritten rule to favour the ‘money’ teams.

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    • I dont think there is a particular bias towards teams with money; but I do think there is a bias towards certain clubs more than others when they are playing at home. Undoubtedly over the last ten years Chelsea, Liverpool and Man Utd have received more favourable refereeing decisions when playing at home than most other teams. The repeated ability of John Terry to handle the ball in his own penalty area and get away with it has been remarkable.

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      • Exactly as I stated earlier, "prestige teams" rather than money teams. If the Arabs stick around and Man City begin bringing home silverware for 2-3 straight years, they will then begin getting this preferential treatment. How many times has Vidic bundled someone over in the box and got away with it while Berbatov trips over a matchstick at the other end and wins a penalty. You mentioned Terry handling in his area, Carragher loves to use his arms as an extension of his torso without pinishment, whereas Liverpool win more penalties than most. There is definitely a bias toward teams like this. There are also teams who play for penalties. Remember how often Villa used to get penalties when Dion Dublin was around? Any fluke that they got penalties every other game at a time when their club was in posession of one of the greatest penalty takers?

    • Money teams are very expensive paintings and as such there is naturally a panic round about them! We must however remember that they are(money teams) the teams to beat. Now the race is on, Formidable teams and Formidable talents whereever.

    • What has money got to do with it. it depends which team they support.

    • Twit Twoo what a load of cobblers,no sane person would believe your theory.

    • Absolute rubbish. Manchester City get horrible treatment from referees simply because they are a "money" team and especially from a handful of referees known to favour that other team in Manchester. Clattenburg is one obvious example..

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      • Critical decisions frequently benefit 'money' teams - and its sometimes down not to the 'money', per se, but to the fiercely partisan home crowd, the pressure that 'big club' players sometimes exert on referees - take Michael Carrick's recent rantings, or John Terry's continuous whining as two examples...
        Until there is technology introduced to the game - including goal line technology, video replays, and the micing up of refs and linesmen, we will never get a clear picture of what has actually motivated a referee, one way or another...