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    Rafael or Glen Johnson

    My mate and I have an ongoing debate as to who is better out of the two. The problem is, he is a liverpool fan and obviously chooses Glen J as the better player, and I am a UTD fan and think that Rafael is by far the better player. Obviously we both have a biased opinion, although I like to think i can judge a player by his standard and not the badge on his shirt.

    In my mind this is not even worthy of a debate. Rafael is without question a better player and has the potential to become one of the worlds best full backs of this generation!! I see a big chancve that it will not be long untill Rafael is pushing both Maicon and Alves out of the Brazil team.....in a few years to come.

    I would just like to hear a few points of views from both Liverpool and UTD fans, and also a few neutral fans.


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    • I dont support either Man Utd or Liverpool but undoubtedly if I had to pick between Rafael or Glen Johnson I would go for Rafael. I dont think Rafael is particularly great, but if I was chosing a right back I'd want them to be able to defend. Apart from 12 months at Portsmouth under Harry Redknapp, Glen Johnson has never been able to defend. He has regressed enormously since moving to Liverpool.

    • both have shown quality when in control of the ball
      currently i would say glen johnson is the better player his passing and attacking play is excellent, tho he somewhat is left wanting when defending
      but rafael will become a better player
      he can tackle well but with a tendancy to lift his feet, he has an excellent work rate and ethic, when attacking he has shown promise with a good touch and an eye for a pass
      he also has so much potential still to fulfil....as long as he keeps his head unlike with the ref on the weekend