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    Premier League. "The Blue moon is Rising!"

    What will be the final positions this season in the best league in the world? Well I can now officially reveal that the mould has been well and truly broken.
    The Blue Moon is Rising over the Premier League and the dominance of the Usual Suspects has been broken. No longer can Man Utd,Arsenal,Liverpool,Chelsea rely on a top 4 finish! It had got to the point of arrogance where these 4 actually thought they had a God given right to a Champion's League place.The rebellion is in full-flow! Man City and Tottenham have done us all a favour by injecting some much needed vigour into the seasonal yawn that had become the Premier League. Thank God for progress,Arab money and good management. No longer will we have to suffer the interminal drone of these teams,fans and managers!.
    Liverpool are shot.Chelsea wax and wane,while Arsenal and Man Utd are trying to keep up an appearance of "steady as she goes"
    Spurs and City have given the PL a much needed shot in the arm, the transfusion is most welcome!
    I look forward to listening to Arsene whinger and Fergutson's ripostes at the close of season. When Man City will be crowned PREMIER LEAGUE CHAMPIONS!
    The Blue Moon is Rising!

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