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  • John John Jan 27, 2011 20:15 Flag

    Andy Gray and Richard Keys

    I am devastated to see Andy Gray and Richard Keys leave Sky Sports. And yes the world has gone mad. For 20 years I have enjoyed Andy and Richard’s comments, analytics and covering of the game I love to watch. They are legends and I cannot believe they have been sacked because of a devious colleague who leaked their private banter to the press.
    All around the world, men express themselves in the manner which led to Andy and Richard’s departure. Hell, even women come with sexist remarks towards men. But with the political correctness we are living with today, the press grabs every opportunity to make a meal out of it instead of playing it down. Why does the British public not just respond with a “So what?” – are they really bothered about what two professionals chat about in their break? And after all, the conversation was private and not supposed to be aired. Whatever happened to common sense?
    The question is not who will replace them. That task is impossible. Watching football on Sky will be like watching Top Gear without Jeremy Clarkson and Richard Hammond – it will never be the same.
    So go on Britain. Stand up and be counted. Will you really allow Sky Sports to get away with this? I say bring them back and let us enjoy the game the way we are used to.

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    • There is no excuses for the behaviour of Andy Gray,when he opens the waistband on his trousers and then asks a female presenter to put the microphone down there refering to inside his trousers,that is out of order,i am a Scott and Andy Gray is a perv and an asse who deserved to be punted,as for Richard Keyes,he would have been okay if he had told Gray to grow up instead he laughed off Grays comments,they wont be missed,in fact its good to see Sky taking control of the situation and resolving it.