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  • SG SG Feb 22, 2011 04:48 Flag

    Andy Carroll & Suarez, will they be great players for liverpool?

    While Carroll is still a work in progress I believe he is the best traditional English burly center forward the country has produced in a long time. He has good ball control to hold up play when needed or to work a little space for himself. He is good in the air to link up play and bring others into the game. He is physically strong and will not be easily shaken from the ball and he has a good work rate. Moreover he scores goals and is still visibly improving. He has yet to reach near his potential and in spite of having some way to go is causing havoc with defenses throughout the Premier League. Sure the Liverpool stle is different to the Newcastle style, but Liverpool have always been able to provide good service in the air or on the ground to their forwards. Furthermore the system Kenny will be adopting with both Carroll and Suarez in the lineup is tried and tested and has always brought results. For recent results of this formula look at Heskey-Owen, Collymore-Fowler, going farther back you have Aldridge-Rush-Dalglish, Toshak-Keegan. The formula works and the players are good enough to bring it success. Good play through the middle for Suarez to terrorize will make defenses tighten up and centralize and allow room down the wing to take advantage of the fear by swinging in crosses for Carroll to take advantage of. Whichever attack plan they begin with will cause the defense to open up the other avenue by overprotecting.