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  • Adam Adam Apr 27, 2011 03:58 Flag

    Andy Carroll & Suarez, will they be great players for liverpool?

    I think Liverpool took a risk on Carroll.He proved himself to be a handful in the air early on this year, before picking up an injury and subsequently side-lining him for a few weeks.For Liverpool to pay such a high price for a young player with really only half a seasons worth of experience at the top level, seems like an almighty gamble.I'm not doubting Carroll's ability or potential,but with young players like him being bought for such high prices, it must create some form of pressure on the player.
    Suarez on the other hand is proven not only at European level,but also on the world stage.His stand out performances during the world cup proved his obvious ability to all on lookers. Since joining Liverpool he has been a breath of fresh air not only to Liverpool but for the premier league in general.His flare and ability on the ball provide Liverpool with a different option going forward.It is yet relatively unknown how well Saurez will play alongside Gerrard.
    As for their emerging partnership, I believe it is highly dependent on Liverpool's delivery from wide positions.With Kuyt often playing wide and Maxi on the opposite side,they really only have one out and out winger-Maxi. He is not exactly known for his pinpoint crosses.I heard some rumors that Stewart Downing might be on his way to anfield in the summer.With his direct style i think that the Suarez,Carroll partnership many well flourish.