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  • Kerrie Kerrie Mar 3, 2011 04:43 Flag

    Man united arent the only club

    I am so sick of hearing how man united were hard done by the ref and that the decisions cost them the game. If they would like to rewatch over numerous amounts of there games they will see how biased towards man u refs normally are. SO many games have decisions automatically given to man u when they clearly werent but we dont keep hearing about them do we?
    Man utd arent the only club in the world so just deal with it and play football and stop whinging. Ur paid millions of pounds over what ur all worth and its still not good enough. Our soldiers dont moan when they are permanently injured by a land mine or bomb and they dont gaet an eighth of what those selfish players do.

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    • If other clubs were not treated well against Man U. let them talk or 4eva remain silent, that's their own cup of coffee.

    • Kerrie, you are right in some ways and these things balance out over a season - however that does not detract from the fact that the ref made some poor decisions - Luiz should have had a 2nd yellow for the bodycheck and walked - and it was a soft penalty. Looking it from Man Utd's point it could have been a penalty against Terry for handball in the first half (pretty soft again) and Vidic has to go off for a shirt tug. See no consistancy that's why fans get up tight