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    Man Utd is a perfect cross passing team

    Man Utd look invincible all the time just because one thing - they play perfect "cross passing" games all the time.

    Man Utd's tactics are all about the same - cross, cross, cross, and cross, cross, cross. Arsenal play short passing games. Man Utd play cross passing games. The crossings can be variety - cross from the left, from the right, from the deep left, from the deep right etc. Sometimes they are hybrid - long crossing balls - hybrid of long balls + cross balls. Their cross passings are fast and furious, normally involved one or two men to do the crossing, like the "double crossing" from Giggs and Rooney that led to Hernendez tap-ins. Effective and pretty easy.

    Perhaps Fergie got this idea from Beckham era, well, you know, Beckham was king of right cross balls.

    So, because they are perfect in playing cross balls, their goals scored look easy as well, mostly easy tap-ins and poaching. That is why Rooney got so many goals last season. Berbatov got so many goals this season. Even their sub Hernandez scored so many easy goals this season. Too easy for them playing like this.

    How the hell rival teams can't see this strength of Man Utd and find a way to snuff them out is unknown to me. Stupid or incapable, I don't know. Because if rival teams are smart and effective enough to snuff out their cross passing game, it could effectively kill off more than 60% of Man Utd's firepower, from the way I see it.

    So, Man Utd don't need special talent (like Messi, Ronaldinho etc.) to score goals for them. They just need footballers who can do the cross passing well and the tap-ins well. So some people say most of Man Utd current players can't even survive in other teams as they don't have enough talent to play well in other teams. But they are simply just good enough to play in Man Utd - play the perfect crossing system by Fergie.

    In other words, player like Hernandez is perfect for Man Utd as he is fast and can tap-in and poach goals fast, getting ahead fast on almost all the cross balls. But with his talent playing in other teams? I have my doubt that he could be overrated.

    So, the perfect cross passing games make Man Utd hard to defeat. They are thus highly effective as a team, with solid defense, but individually some of their players are perhaps just ordinary. Good for them, they don't have to buy expensive highly-talented players to play well because of this cross passing system. Glazers must be the luckiest guys in the world to have Fergie.

    Man Utd - all about cross, cross, cross, and cross, cross, cross.

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