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  • Mr Humphries Mr Humphries Mar 19, 2011 02:12 Flag

    revolutionise those contracts!

    So Man U are to revolutionise the way football contracts work by putting all their stars on to pay-as-you-play deals?

    Yes, I can see Man U attracting loads of star quality footballers from all around the globe by having terms and conditions like that.....NOT!

    £250,000 a week at Manchester City regardless or not a penny unless you play 90 minutes and score over at Old Trafford, which do you think any sensible footballer would choose?


    Isn't your legendary number 7 shirt currently occupied by a complete waste of space who supposedly gets performance related pay?

    Man U will have to go back to the drawing board to find money saving ways so they can keep their lords and masters the Glazers in lots of lovely wonga!!!

    HAHAHAHAHAHA - Man U are knobheads!