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  • leonmathilda leonmathilda Mar 19, 2011 04:57 Flag

    Overrated, Underrated and Footballer of the year

    Just want to list some players being recognized as underrated or overrated:

    Berbatov - slightly overrated, but he has real skill though, albeit a bit flamboyant.

    Javier Hernandez - very overrated, especially overrated by Man Utd fans. He scored about 80% of easy goals from crosses i.e. headers, poacher goals, tap-ins. Without all these crosses (Man Utd are specialist in crosses), his impact can be significantly reduced.

    Rooney - Extremely overrated. Not that he is a bad player. He is good. But extremely overrated and overhyped by English Media. He scored more than 70% goals from crosses last season, just like Hernandez this season (like I said, Man Utd are crossing expert).
    Goals from crosses = mostly easy goals - tap-ins, headers, poaching goals.
    Scored a lot of easy goals and people easily think he is the best = overrated
    Scored a lot of easy goals + overrated by English Media = Extremely overrated.

    If my grandmother were taller and faster than Rooney or Hernandez, playing with Man Utd the cross ball expert, my grandmother could easily be the season-end top scorer by scoring a lot of easy goals from crosses and easily voted the footballer of the year, as long as she were English. LOL.

    Talent wise :Berbatov > Rooney > Hernandez
    Suitable to the team (cross ball tactics) : Rooney > Hernandez > Berbatov

    Thus poor but talented Berbatov being a sub recently.

    Gareth Bale - Very overrated. This young kid has potential and fast. But if he were without his speed it looks like he could be nothing. Very overrated by English Media just because the English media don't want Tevez to win the footballer of the year (PFA player's player of the year, voted by players). Neither does Fergie.

    The English media always talk about Bale#$%$-trick against Inter and his "fun" on Maicon. But besides that, besides a very few games that he played well, sorry to say, he is nothing. Too young to win the PFA but the English Media want him to win it, because of one guy - Tevez.

    Which come to the last footballer that almost every Man Utd fans really hate:

    Tevez - underrated, and sometimes very underrated. Underrated by English media. They always use the word "workrate" to describe him but never use the word "talented". But the English media always called rooney "superb", even if rooney just scored some easy tap-ins from crosses set up easily but his teammates.

    Tevez - underrated by English media as they don't want him to become the first Argentina and South America player to win the prestigious Footballer of the Year in England soil. They promote Gareth Bale - a 21 year-old kid instead without even consider that Tevez is already 3-times-in-a-row South American Footballer of the year and Brazilian League Best Player of the year. They promote the 21 year-old kid instead. They are biased enough not to want an Argie to win it.
    It is about time Tevez wins the honour of Footballer of the year, simply because he is fully deserved to win it compared to others.

    But the English Media have other ideas, or agenda. Man Utd fans hate him and don't want that to happen as well. Fergie doesn't want him to win as well because he was not worth 25m pound two season ago. It could be embarrassing a "not worthy player" wins the highest honour.

    But I don't think Tevez would care a bit about winning it or not though.