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  • sticker sticker Mar 20, 2011 14:22 Flag

    Who will be PFA Players' Player of the year 2010?

    Actually it is not too hard to select which player will be the winner. Just take a good look at last 10 year PFA Players' Player of the year winners:

    Sheringham, RVN, Henry, John Terry, Steven Gerrard, Ronaldo, Ryan Giggs and Rooney.

    All these winners share one feature: They have proven themselves that they can play consistently well in EPL FOR YEARS before they finally won the honour.

    The key words are - consistent and for years.

    Now we look at the contenders:

    Gareth Bale - 21 yr-old. Too young to be voted by peers the highest award. Plus he hasn't proven himself yet over some years. Ronaldo took 3 seasons with Man Utd be4 he was named the winner.

    Nani - played well this season. But last season and seasons be4 that is a question mark.

    David Silva, VDV, Hernandez and all other first season newcomers won't win it that is for sure.

    Nasri - same with Nani. played well this season but wasn't outstanding seasons before this.

    Berbatov - played well this season. But struggled last season.

    Scott Parker and Charlie Adams - perhaps because they are English the English media want them to be contender. But Charlie Adams is newcomer to EPL. Scott Parker played well but his team are struggling with relegation for years. He won't win it unless he proved himself with stronger team.

    Which leaves only 2 contenders that has proven themselves - Vidic and Tevez.
    Vidic - consistent and solid for years. But his votes could be shared out by both Berbatov and Nani. Plus a defender hardly win the honour.

    Which then leaves only one truly worthy winner - Tevez

    Tevez - played well with West Ham, Man Utd and Man City over 5 seasons. Unhappy ending with Man Utd but played so well consistently after that with Man City. He is helping to push Man City into top 4 this season. Peers (fellow footballers) rate him high. Last season contenders are Rooney, Drogba, Tevez and Fabregas but he is the only one who is "last standing" among the other three (the 3 players fading this season) and still goes strong (albeit exhausted lately). He is fully deserved the PFA award this season. If he is not the winner, then no one is full deserved.

    But the problem is the English media. The media never rate him high. Perhaps they focus too much on Messi and their own beloved native English players. Because no English player stands out this season, they give the excuse by saying that "no real outstanding contenders". Typical attitude of the English media.

    Which mean - If there was one, even just one, English player that played well and looked outstanding this season, the English media would definitely overrate him so highly until he gets the recognition and wins it. This season only Scott Parker and Charlie Adams stand out among the contenders. So the English media again try their best to promote them. Even if just a faint hope they will do so so that English players have better chance to win it. Typical English media.

    If Tevez wins it, Tevez will become the 1st Argentina player, 1st South American player and 1st Man City player to win this highest honour. Like Mancini said - change history of English football.

    But perhaps because Tevez is an Argentinian, the English media don't look like wanting him to win it.

    P.S. Grand oldmen like Giggs or Scholes won't win it as they are not outstanding enough this season. Giggs won it last time because of playing so well just after Fergie switching him from winger to central midfielder role due to losing pace over age. Thus Giggs was deserved to win.

    If Tevez won it, it would complete something unusual - the "threesome fearsome" of Ronaldo, Rooney and Tevez all won, plus EPL "grand oldman" Giggs between them. Nice huh?