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  • Mike Mike Apr 27, 2011 04:54 Flag

    Blackburn deserve to go down

    Blackburn will hopefully go down and show the new owners that they pushed out the wrong man. Big Sam had consolidated Blackburn as a mid table Premier League team but the arrogant new owners thought that was not enough. They did not realise what they had. Nothing against the proud club that is Blackburn but we need these failures to stop hobbyists taking on football clubs. It is just a shame that Newcastle look safe or we could have taught two sets of owners an expensive lesson.

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    • We may have invented the greatest game in the world but we no longer own the biggest clubs in the world.
      Rich foreigners have laid waste and we have no answer, whether its blackburn or my beloved Man Utd we now own nothing of note.
      All that worries me is what happens when the rich get bored who will take over, the players are paid to much and no decent minded fool would invest in such stupidty.