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  • Grahame Grahame Jun 18, 2011 22:22 Flag

    Is football the greatest game on the earth

    My passion for football has lasted over forty years and even though our national team for all those years has failed to give us world domination we will always stay loyal.
    BUT WHY?
    This game we love has been taken over by the likes of Mr Blatter and Mr Platini and a bunch of half wits called the FA none of these people have been elected by me or any loyal fan they are all a part of an old boys network for the fat cat cushy job brigade.
    Put an end to degrading our national game and oust the lot put football fans in charge not pen pushers.

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    • shinty is far more fun

    • Football is a great sport. The whole world loves it and its unquestionable the way it can connect different people and nations.

    • no, o.k got to be more then 5 characters.
      Football is a great game, played by over paid mercenaries who have no loyalty to the teams they play for.
      The rules seem to be different for the bigger clubs, missing rounds in cup compertions, help with funds when other are fined heavily and deducted many point which can mean they go out of the national leagues.
      Pricing it’s self so that the average support can not afford to go.
      But I still love it though, but hope it realises it is just a game and not an excuses to create money for a very small amount of criminals, ask Newton Heath and Wrexham fans
      The people who are suppose to govern it taking bribes and the dogma they operates in