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  • richard richard Oct 26, 2011 17:09 Flag

    the whistle blower

    this guy really irks me as he does not seem to know what he is talking about. H does everything for ratings and does not present the truth but rather tries to go the opposite way of any given club instead of having a balanced aproach

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    • I would hate to see matches stopped so that officials could consult with TV footage,such as off sides and penaltys. But sendings off involving bad tackles could be settled by the player going to a sin bin whilst the fourth officials looks at a TV replay immediately, and either confirms the red card or allows the player to rejoin the game. The unfair sending off of a player is probably the most disadvantaged a team can be.

    • I have watched the video, and am still of the opinion,that must be the worst ref on the F.A.books, Chelsea should seek to pursue a claim against all who are involved in trying too smear Terry, this whole Anton Ferdinand thing is very suspect.