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  • KingKtoykcaj KingKtoykcaj Dec 13, 2011 06:25 Flag

    What LFC must do to be in Top 4 ?

    Personally I think POOL should start banging in the goals, and convert all their chances into goals.

    Creating chance after chance without scoring and winning is useless.

    Kenny and coaching staff are too cautious in their attacking approach to the matches, and their
    fire prowess seems to be lacking in some matches.

    3 wins (total 9 pts) and 3 losses out of 6 games,
    is better than 6 draws (6 pts) out of 6.
    That explains why Chel and Ars - 4 losses each compared to Liv's 3- are higher up the table.
    Spurs,with 3 losses but more wins, are also higher in the table.

    Clearly, POOL needs to convert their chances into wins, and NOT afraid of losing. Instead, the more defensive players need to attack more to support the attack. In short, score more goals than the opposing team, and take risks.

    Another factor in getting wins is the winning mentality of the players. Kenny and co. must instill
    the attacking mindset and discipline. Perhaps a striker coach and mentor, or motivator, is needed in January transfer window.

    START BANGING IN THE GOALS, and I reckon we will be in the TOP 4 sooner than later !


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