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  • sarfraz h sarfraz h Nov 5, 2006 22:17 Flag

    Welldone Colchester Untied

    Hey gr8 result on satuarday 6 wins in a row at Home i'm a Birmingham Fan and u did us a all a favours a few weeks ago the muppets from Cardiff thought they had won the league..
    its a season long haul and it looks like the Bubble has Burst and they r not so confident now..
    and teams are seeing they r beatable..
    Welldone again to the U's..
    Keep right on!

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    • Can't believe how well Geraint has got the team working-well done everyone.

    • They lads have shocked and suprised a lot of people this season, favourites to go straight back down, but are now pushing for a playoff place. I bet Phil Parkinson is regreeting his desision now!
      Well Done to the lads at layer road, avoiding relagation was all we could have hoped for and (touch wood) they have achived that, long may it continue.

    • We will be back stronger than ever so dont worry

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      • sefton h i just want to say IN YOUR DREAMS Colchester has a team that in reality should be in the second division and i as a tax payer I do not want to pay for a stadium that even if it does hold 10,000 will never be full unless of course a visiting team bring their supporters Colchester United are a joke and have not paid a penny towards the stadium. and by the way why did they waste money in a usless player like sheringham he is so past his sell by date he should be sent to the knackers yard. This town wanted to stop the building of the stadium but as usual in this country if the minority shout load enough they will get it.And by the way by going to other towns to get enough people to sign was typical of Colchester United and the Evening Gazette. Get it through your head THE PEOPLE OF COLCHESTER DOES NOT WANT THIS STADIUM.

      • I remember non league football, Witton Albion in the FA Trophy.
        Promotion back into the league, thinking it would be good to stay in the league for a few years, which we done.
        Now we are an inch away from the Premeirship? ok then it could be a mile if not further. Colchester playing Man Utd, Chelsea, or Arsenal. What could be better? Champions League!

    • I am a lonely Eagles fan up here in Scotland but you give me something to shout about in the pub. I don't know if a play off place is possible, who cares lads you have won me a few quid at the bookies.
      All i can ask the lads is to enjoy themselves, and make push next season.
      Good luck with the new stadium.