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  • B4ts B4ts Sep 12, 2007 03:32 Flag

    One quiet site

    Hi all you Colchester fans, just thought I would say hello cos it is rather quiet !!!!!

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    • Who are you and what do you want to know?. I have supported the U's since 1963. The problem is that most of us feel that the new "owners" have ripped out the very soul of our once "home town football club" and turned it into a business convention which will rather explain why all the empty seats on matchdays. W.H.C.S. was not designed for genuine football fans. We don't feel we belong to our once famous family club anymore which, again, may explain the "One quiet site" as you put it. Layer Road R.I.P.

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      • Joan B, I came on to the Colchester board to take a look at what's hot with you guys ahead of our (Leeds) game with you - I thought I might make a bit of mischief. Your post really touched me: you tell it like it is for all fans who get messed around by the money men. Good on y' - but not good luck when we meet!

      • What happened to Layer Road? A dozen years ago I saw the U's win a great one there against Petersbrough for the right to play at old Wembley in the what used to be the D2/D3 championship. The U's had to overcome a first leg loss at Petersbrough and did. The U's goals were scored in our end, including the overtime winner. A pitch invasion followed. It is one of my most enjoyable football memories.