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  • John John Nov 17, 2006 06:33 Flag

    Load of balls

    What was the score with all those footballs being kicked onto the pitch during the cuptie with Walsall?
    I am in Australia and watched the game on ESPN and there has been no mention of it since.
    The last time I saw Macclesfield in action was in the FA Cup match against Fulham, then First Division, in the late 60's. That was the worst refereeing performance ever and still the only occasion on which I have seen a penalty given AGAINST a goalkeeper for shouldering off an attacking player. I actually backed non league Macclesfield to win and the winner refused to take my money because of the way in which the game was refereed. From memory Town were on the wrong end of three penalty decisions.

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    • It still remains a mystery. Fans probably thought if we chuck a load of balls on the pitch it may increase the chances of Macclesfield accidently firing one in to the net - NOPE ! STILL FINISHED 0 - 0 !

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      • My problem is that the balls looked like genuine premier leaque balls, at least one of them was the current yellow and purple ball and they cost a fortune. If it is a publicity stunt someone should tell them that it will not work unless they let everyone in on the joke.
        It was funny to hear Tommy Smyth the ESPN commentators views on being stuck in Macclesfield on a cold November night instead of his usual Real Madrid, Milan etc.
        You never know they might win the replay