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  • Jabberwocky Jabberwocky Jan 9, 2006 06:38 Flag

    sunderland 3 the #$%$ team 0

    I like this thread titled "Sunderland 3 the #$%$ Team 0"

    It should have been really titled "The #$%$ Team Vs Northwich FC", it would have been more fitting.

    Well done Mick McCarthy! your side finally managed to beat someone at long last (even though I did cheer the Mackams on when they played the Smog Monsters), even Man USA didnt manage a win in the FA Cup (which was class!), so take some pride from that one.......

    ......It'll give the Mackams a little bit more confidence before they get a good old stuffing from Chelsea in their next match, but its all doom and gloom on Wearside!