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  • Blueskies Blueskies Jan 10, 2006 19:16 Flag

    Shame for Sunderland

    Good stadium, good following and a community club - win the leagues last season easily above the likes of Wigan and then look at them now. Whats happened MM(Motivator Mick) doesn't seem to know how to lift them. Before they got relegated last time - he threw the towel in straight away on joining them. Before the season started this time he said enjoy while we can!!

    That doesn't spring much hope. Realistically for the next few seasons I think Sunderland will now settle into be a mid championship table place to the avoid the heartbreak of bouncing up and straight back down.Stay at the level they can cope with

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    • Apparently McCarthy’s now starting to say nobody will get more out of the current team than him, and that he’s the best man to take us back up again – in the same interview as “let’s go and beat Chelsea”. Don’t know how he gets away with it.

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      • MM is the best man for the job because nobody else would want to come. Sack MM and we'd be left managerless. Also what did you think MM would be able to do with £4.5 Million???????????

      • You people don't seem to be able to grasp what has happened here. Yes, Sunderland outshone the likes of Wigan and West Ham last season.......but, that team is NOT the team you have now. The team that won the Championship last season....its gone!!!! MM gave it away and bought what you have now. These players you have now didn't play for you last season, they didn't win the Championship!! The reason Wigan and West Ham are surviving, is because their teams are what they had last season, plus a few additions. MM had £5 million to add a few players to his Championship winning team.....he didn't do that. He gave a team away, then bought a worse one.