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    He's a ledgend in his own mind

    MM is the worst manager I've ever seen at Sunderland. he keeps on saying he's the best man for the job,i think not. Don't blame money that's the easy answer Wigan, West Ham Charlton, Bolton don't spend mega millions His new players are a disgrace it's his team and must be his fault

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    • As I said in a previous thread, Souness is not the answer. We cant afford his severance payout

    • couldnt agree more!

      shows his ability as a manager when he signs ANOTHER of his old Rep. of Ireland pals (delap). Does this man have ANY idea about football outside of his own tiny world/mind?

      Sunderland will never improve while MM is here with his dodgy dealings.

      At least all his old mates can rest assured that when they come to the end of their footballing life, 'old Mick' will get them a cushy little job up north - the chairman/board dont seem to mind, so come on lads!!

      Anyone else have a bad taste in their mouth?

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      • Apologies in advance for mentioning McCarthy in the same sentence as Mourinho, but I tend to think what makes Mourinho such a good manager is that he puts all the media attention on himself, leaving his team to get on with the important things on the pitch. With Mick all the emphasis seems to be on the players. He never talks about himself in interviews, it's never - maybe it was a mistake to play 4-5-1, it's always - the players were either good or #$%$ nothing to do with me. That's what gets on my wick (amongst other things).