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  • One One Feb 27, 2006 04:51 Flag

    From a Boro fan

    I know, I know, I shouldn't be posting here but hear me out.

    As an ex-pat (currently living in the US), the only way I can keep up on the chatter is by reading message boards like these.

    I want you all to know that the feelings and discussions by the Sunderland fans blow away the passion felt by other teams fans.

    This season has obviously turned out badly for you guys, but I strongly beleive that you are going through a process that all save a few teams will go through.

    The likes of Leeds have already done it.

    There are maybe a few teams in the prem that have already done it after sorting things out in the Championship for a while.

    Anyway, you get my point.

    Football is changing in many ways, money being the biggest. Folks are getting sick of high wages and no commitment (again a Boro fan).

    What I read here is what will never change. The passion of the fans.