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    "Murray invites bid for Cats"

    does he mean it this time or will he just put the blockers on any potential bidders?

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    • well, now that the quinn story is confirmed i suppose it's a waiting game for us. like i said before; heres hoping!

    • ales0083.Your totally right.The club will still be there long before these #$%$ are long gone.This man has no ambition.Low wage budget #$%$,Cheap transfers.Thats why we have these rubbish players becasue of fat nobby and waste of space.For 20 years under his missmanagement.Thats we have been kept back becasue of it.Sooner the better we get rid of these pricks.So we can show the rest of the country we can be one of best again.

    • put this season down to a total lack of ambition by players, managers and board memebers alike. mick was only sacked for speaking out about murray; his record was nowt to do with it.

      youre right that we really do need a strong youth system. murrays "great" academy has so far given us one quality player in the lad leadbitter; not good enough i think you'll agree!

      only thing i can say is; just remember that we'll all still be here when this bunch of tossers are long gone!

    • Sunderland fans have carried this club for generations, Where is the youth policy we see spitting out talent in ohter top prmeiership operations.

      Why does it always have to come down to buing power. Lets put our hands up and agree that we cannot compete with our black & White neighbours, we cant buy Owen or Shearer, we cant attract top class managers. Who would want to end there career next at Sundrland AFC.

      We need to start again from the top down.

      We need an efficient ongoing youth policy, grooming our own lads for playing in the top flight.

      We need to restore the faithful to the stands,2 years ago we had the 3rd largest attendance in the football league.

      You do not lose that support, its still out there waiting for the right team, the right manager to re ignite the faithful.

      We cannot change the current situation, so lets move on.

      what caused such a dismal season? lets have the post mortem and welcome the result, learn from this and move on to another season of scrapping in the lower league.

      Good luck today

    • more stories from the express - quinn and murray will meet at the end of next week to talk over a potential bid. please god....

    • It was rumoured that some of the consortium members were at the Fulham match today. They're meant to be waiting for our relegation to be confirmed before making any sort of bid.

      Murray has been here for something like 22 years now, when anybody else in any other walk of life would have been drummed out for gross incompetence. Any sort of change now would, if nothing else, bring the feel-good factor back to the club. I know plenty of fans who gave up going last year but would reconsider if new owners came in.

    • One things for sure, SAFC needs change. The fans have lost all confidence in the management and board. Whether it be by consortium, former players, former managers or a combination of all three, change is needed now! Just one more point however, Gary Linekers consortium change at Leicester hasnt exactly turned the Foxes into the next Bank of England club has it?

      Its breaking my heart to see my club like this...

    • Reid was on Sky Sports the other week slagging Murray off. If he is involved, I hope he keeps a low profile.

    • But remember that Samaras was signed using the 21 million pounds they got for Wright-Philips.
      We couldnt raise 21mil if we sold our whole squad and there families

    • what makes you think that? we must be in a fair bit of debt if that was the best mcarthy could do in the transfer market last summer?

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