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  • DJ DJ Apr 19, 2006 17:18 Flag

    Murray #$%$ off.Quinn in.

    And whose to say that Quinn is the answer to all problems... You don't have a clue about the financial side of things.

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    • I disagree, there's 20,000 sunderland fans who haven't been coming to games since the Superkev and Quinny era. Quinn returning to the club with a takeoever bid, will re-ignite the old times. Quinn was a lucky charm for us, when he was at the club we celebrated our greatest successes since the FA cup. I know there are alot of fans who won't return to matches next year because of Murray, and admit that any takeover bid from any such person would draw them back to the games, but Quinn would draw back them aswell as those who lost faith from this year and those who haven't been since he retired and we flopped outta the premier. I for one will go to everygame possible next year, but if Quinn takesover (if anyone takesoever), I'll renew my season ticket, because I believe Quinn will bring that luck of the green, he'll take more than a risk or two and give spirit to the fans. Give us hope, and give us those times we deserve.