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  • Im not having a dig here, but I was wondering if Sunderland fans thought the way Sunderland handled Arsenal on Monday was a bit .... Over the top. Seeing as you are already relegated and not fighting us for a position were the challenges a bit heavy? Dont get me wrong, as a gunners fan im used to seeing our players fly about, but a broken and dislocated ankle in a nothing match? What do you guys make of it?

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    • i dont think there was any intent to injure the player, hes a young and inexperienced player, yes ther was sum strong tackles but no malice... if thats the case should the gooners keeper have been sent off for his reaction to chris brown??? no safc players complained about that.... i do hope diaby makes a quick recovery and its a shame hes gonna miss the final.... BEST OF LUCK TO THE GOOONERS. we all behind u lot!!!

    • I think that the team played the way Ball did: Hoof! Get in the stands you varlet! To be honest it was probably the only way we could have hoped for a result against a pure footballing team. I don't mean dirty, not at all, just played with a bit of aggression and tenacity.We really needed a home win badly. By the by, didn't Blackburn do that too?
      Win the CL, you lot deserve it after all this time!!!!