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  • gary k gary k May 10, 2006 02:02 Flag

    Time for a massive clearout

    I think this season has proved that the current playing staff at SAFC are not up to the job of playing in the PL. We should get rid of the vast majority of the squad and build a team capable of flowing attractive football centred around the likes of Elliot and Leadbitter.

    The only problem with this may be finding some idiot to buy the dross we want rid of.

    You never know, McCarthy may get a new job this summer and need some new players!!!

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    • Your thinking is part of the problem, when you think that Elliott and Leadbitter are acceptable quality. Its the Craig Russell Syndrome!!!

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      • Its not just me who thinks that Leadbittter is decent quality, its the vast majority of the football community. As proved when a top Man Utd scout was on 'Talksport', he said that Grant Leadbitter was the best, most natural footballing talent he'd seen in 25 years in the game.
        And as for Elliot, are you really saying he can't score goals (17 in first full season when he wasn't always in the team)or are you basing your opinion on this season. Even on the performances last season you could see he was a cut above any other striker at the club(re. goals at #$%$ & Man Utd) and would probably have been in double figures for the season had it not been for injury.

        And what has Craig Russell got to do with anything?
        Surely you're not classing these two with Craig Russell?

    • Last I heard Basilla was injured, but he's on the retained list so I'm guessing he'll still be here next season.

    • The thing is, the players were have are already proven in the Championship so keeping most of them wouldn't be a bad idea. Davis was voted best 'keeper for 04/05 in the Championship, defenders like McCartney, Caldwell and Wright were solid, our midfielders were very handy and our strikers were good in front of goal. IMO someone like Stead, if he stays, could really light it up next year in the Championship.

      What has to happen is if the Lads go straight back up then to have a clearout and buy some quality over quantity.