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  • A Yahoo! User May 22, 2006 22:14 Flag

    Is there already a manager behind the scenes?

    ...Its a little curious how KB has resumed his Academy role and we are now managerless but still clear out players and offer contracts to others? Surely this is a managers job as BM surely wont know who to keep as I doubt he knows too much about the qualities of players such as Woods, Kyle, Nosworthy, Colins' etc. HOw does he know the next manager wont want these players in his squad? There may be a good reason (apart from them being #$%$ why they have been released/kept on but I find it a little strange how they can do this without a managers input! Any thoughts?

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    • Probably right that there is aomeone being "consulted" but probably not Niall Quinn who one suspects is likely to be Club if not company Chairman. O'Neil is probably my favorite or maybe Dowie as manager. Might even have a bob or two.

      PS if Bob Murray pulls this off he'll go down as a pretty succesful chairman, maybe even the best since the 1930s. How about this idea folks - a statue to Bob Murray!