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  • Dinger Dinger Jul 26, 2006 02:20 Flag

    Quinn in then?

    Wondered what everyone was thinking about the assumption of the managerial reins by Niall? Is this good for the club? Does it suggest how difficult a situation we are in when it appears no-one of any football stature wants the job? I know when a SAFC fan criticizes the club on here people automatically give the old "Give them a chance?" routine, but my common sense is saying that this is not a good sign! We are rapidly losing touch with the #$%$ and the Smoggies, in fact we arent on the same footballing planet as them right now! Tough times ahead I feel...:(

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    • Truer words have seldom been spoken on this board. You have been losing touch with us #$%$' as you call us for 5 seasons. The only thing that is preventing Sunderland Football Club from just going away and not embarrassing the Northeast anymore is the 20,000 or so die hard fans. Quinn as manager is like something off Fawlty Towers! Who is going to pull him up if he's getting it wrong? Who does he answer to? It'll be like the Waldorf Salad sketch with Quinn the Chairman shouting at himself, then cowering at himself as manager....or should I say MANAGHEER.
      Its going to take 5 years, skip fulls of money and the right people from day one and that's just to get you back to surviving a season in the big boy's league. At present youv'e got neither. This 'paddy' consortium is a joke, Murray scurried away like someone running from a Blitz because he knows the writing is on the wall.....what's left of the wall that is. Quinny is taking over every job at Fawlty Towers for one reason only.....nothing human wants to go there, its a graveyard for everything to do with football.You are spot on about being worried! Watch out for the team sheet.....Quinny chanced to be playing!!!

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      • What such petty #$%$ Why do the mags think they have to come over to the safc board and just slag people off, I see nothing constructive in your post you f'in muppet.

        Fact is that we as a club are going to be in the best posistion now to go forward. No safc in this world should dilude themselves to the fact that this is going to be a miracle cure. The new investors have a 5 year plan so no one should expect things to be put right straight away.

        If any sunderland fans are interested, I now post on www.supportersunited.com as we set this up as a place that we can control ourselves and abusive people can be dealt with.