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  • Lee Lee Aug 20, 2006 18:57 Flag

    A New Era.....?

    As a Sunderland fan for over 30 yrs I can fully understand the loyal, hardworking fan that pays to go to games home and away with nothing for there troubles, I cannot get to many games as I'm exiled in the South, however Mr Quinn is under no illusion of the task in hand, he has admitted that in various tabloids and radio programmes when interviewed.....I feel an up turn in fortune is just around the corner, see out the transfer window before we start to lambast teh team from every angle (although God know's they deserve it) there will be a few sorry souls in the Northeast this morning as some of those players wake this morning, read the papers to find that they will be out the door come the end of the week, yes they are over paid and a wake up call is coming, they need to realise what putting that shirt on means to the fans as they are the biggest part of the club that I love along with 40,000 other fans and then some.

    Give Quinny a chance, he will not let the club go under, you'll see tell me I'm wrong at the end of September....

    "Keep the Faith"

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