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  • There you go... You've appointed Roy Keane.

    Quinn promised you a "World Class Manager".

    What you've ended up with is a World Class Knuckle Dragging Thug, with zero managerial experience.

    It wouldn't suprise me if Keane was something like Quinn's fourth or fifth (or sixth) choice for the job. It's very unlikely that Alan Curbishley wasn't offered the position. However, being a man of intellegence, Curbs turned you down.

    Keane is a totally different proposition.

    Apparently, he's said he wants to sign players that remind him of himself...

    So I suppose Sunderland scouts are being despatched to every prison, borstal, and remand centre in the country - even as we speak.

    Anyway, good luck for next season's League 1 campaign.

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