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  • GARY I GARY I Oct 13, 2006 23:09 Flag

    Thick head Roeder

    Glenn Roeder has just been on sky news saying that England fans and the media's expectations are too high. What a half wit. Is it really too much to expect England to beat Macedonia and Croatia. Maybe if he set his expectations a little higher the #$%$ might not be so #$%$.

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    • Looking forward to his next post some time in May.

    • You cannot rush these things you know.

    • Top reply mate and it only took you fifty odd days to come up with it.

    • are you stupid or what

    • #$%$ bag go and get a job cleaning up all that #$%$ on your pitch you stupid idiots need looking at

    • thanks lads for that interesting conversation.it was good reading.be nice.

    • Things are ticking over so nicely here, we don't need to spout off about all the #$%$ we are watching like you's have too. Our stadium has been approved to be better than yours anyaway.

    • obviously that brain tumor he had a few year ago is still taking its toll

    • just been reading the post between boddie& greenalien.how refreshing!!no argument from me but WHY do we keep turning up?

    • A fairly interesting and substantial insight Boddie,I hope you are not typing that email at work !lol

      Hmmm.....Niall Quinn attended a the Manchester Sunderland Supporters Branch meeting last week, in a local Manchester Pub. Not quite the actions of a man who who shows little or no concern to the clubs fans. Did Bob Murray ever do that in 20 years or so as Chairman.....nope !

      I think Quinn has an intention to build the club up and have a team that the city, and the supporters can be proud of, only time will tell however. Defeats to Southend and Bury could be distant memories by May, who knows ?

      The fact is if the results don't come on the pitch people will not turn up at Sunderland, so if his plan is to sit back and let the cash roll in, it will simply will not happen. Unemployment in Sunderland is at an all time high, so people are not going to throw £25 away to watch #$%$ week in week out anymore. Maybe up the road there where the streets are paved with gold, you can get a full house every week, and good for you and your club....or indeed Freddie Shepherd.

      I have a season ticket along with a group of a dozen or so mates for one reason alone. It is an excuse ( kids, marriage, jobs etc )to all get together and have a few beers and a laugh. Sometimes we don't even get to the game ( not much point given the #$%$ on show these days ).

      I do however enjoy football still as a whole a little, but nowhere near as much as I used to. The reason for this mirrored in the National Team, through to the Premier League, through to the Championship. The game simply has no soul anymore, football is a game played by vastly overated and overpaid individulas. In characterless moonscape stadiums with little or no atmosphere, ( sit down, shut up, enjoy yourself and your out ! ).

      Chelsea had to put 35,000 flags on the seats last night to create an atmosphere against Barcelona....What the #$%$ is that all about I ask ? ......put more simply,warm lager and hotdogs are simply no substitute for bovril and meat ( of sorts ) pasties.

      Cricket is the future.....

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