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  • Further to my comment on the Roeder Thread. About football grounds being a place now, where you no longer are allowed to breathe, without being thrown out.

    My mate was nicked yesterday for D&D inside the S.O.L, not for being abusive or violent, or loud....just drunk. How the flattys can justify this I don't know. Do they walk round the town centre dragging people out of pubs ?......I think not. They also picked there moment, not when he was stood in the group with us on the concourse, but when he went to the toilet on his own.

    He spent 5 hours in the Stadium cells,about 3ft x 4ft in size if any of you have not spent any time in there.He got a caution and was told to #$%$ himself' as he would not be allowed to use the toilet.

    The coppers are endlessly dragging people out,home and away what for ? Has there ever been any major disorder inside the ground ?? The confidence in the policing at the S.O.L is surely under question.

    As another example of the pathetic policing policies. Last season when fighting broke out next to the Audi garage outside the ground, I asked a copper why she was just filming the Sunderland lot with the camcorder and not the Newcastle group her response was 'well I like that lot so im not filming them' ?

    I would be interested to know what the policing methods are like at S.J.P in comparison to the S.O.L Are such draconian methods put in place there ?

    Granted I am no saint when it comes to relations with the police, and I would, and have, taken responsibilty and punishment for past indiscretion. My worry is however for people who are being treated this way who simply don't deserve it.

    The West Midlands Police used to have the worst reputation in football, surely this mantle has been taken over by the Tyne and Wear Nazi Constabulary.....

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