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  • gary k gary k Oct 31, 2006 02:19 Flag

    Everybodies fav. 2nd team.

    There was an excellent discussion on Talksport today about 'which 3 teams would you like to see go down from the Premier?'
    The team that seamed to get the most vote was, our good friends up the road in Newcastle!!!

    The overriding opinion was that they like to discribe themselves as a 'big club' along side the likes of Man. Utd, Liverpool & Arsenal, and deride the likes of Everton, Spurs & Aston Villa as small compared to themselves, even though they have won things in recent history.

    So much for being everybodies favourite second team!

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    • you`ve got the cranial equivalent of a club foot#$%$ breath. i`ve wasted too much time on you already,but you know what,no matter how hard we may try, we just can`t educate pork.

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      • yet another bite. you really make it too easy. You said you don't like people taking the #$%$ out of your team, well stay off this message board then. I know you all take the #$%$ out of us on the #$%$ message board, but like all geordies you can give it but can't take it. Grow up you repugnant, churlish, monotonous little wretch. (see we can all use big boy words)

      • If you actually learn to read, you'll find that I stated it's the rest of the country that has developed a disliking to NUFC.

        We have always hated each other, but you lot have always had the illusion of being 'the entertainers', and loved by all.

        The whingeing on our message boards are enough evidence of your pathetic victimisation complex.

        Oh, and always remember, it was a Wearsider who taught the uneducated geordies how to read and write.
        And, if it wasn't for SAFC playing a series of charity matches there wouldn't be a NUFC.

    • Oooooh I seem to have struck a nerve there. I hear mammy calling davey. I think she wants a seeing to. Go on now run along you filthy little #$%$ stabber