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    Sunderland Fireworks - hilarious, typical Wearsider behaviour.


    Usually I dont give two thoughts over anything that happens over in Sunderland (let alone give two hoots about your football club) but this caught my eye and had me crying with laughter!

    So, by all means you silly mackems, please try and explain the sense behind this one then? The fact it was a "black cat" firework makes it all the funnier!

    taken from; http://uk.news.yahoo.com/09112006/344/rocket-prank-leaves-man-hospital.html

    A man is in hospital with severe internal injuries after trying to launch a powerful firework rocket from his backside. (Roy Keane should try this out as soon as possible)

    Safety campaigners say they have never come across such a bizarre incident but it is thought the man, 22, could have been copying a scene from the controversial film Jackass: The Movie which shows a similar prank. (this shows how the dumb are so easily be led into copying what they have seen on tv.)

    The incident in Sunderland was captured by a gang of youths and the fuzzy mobile phone footage shows a blinding white flash followed by hysterical laughter. (A mobile phone in Wearside? a poor Geordie must have been mugged for some mackems to have one of those!)

    A spokeswoman for the North East Ambulance Service said: "We received a call stating there was a male who had a firework in his bottom and it was bleeding.
    "He was attended to and taken to Sunderland Royal Hospital."

    The victim is recovering at Sunderland Royal Hospital after sustaining horrific internal injuries including a scorched colon.

    Safety experts on Thursday warned that misusing the explosives in such a senseless way can have serious consequences.

    Police and paramedics were called to the Dame Dorothy Street area of Monkwearmouth, in Sunderland, after reports of the stunt.

    The prank, involving a Black Cat Thunderbolt Rocket, has left safety officers bemused. (bemused? seriously??? you mean they were doubled up laughing at the mackem pratt!)

    I must say I'm quite suprised, its not everyday you get a mackem going out of his way to make himself look even stupider than one of those chemically infected teessider from down the A19.

    On a final note, whats with all these anti-Newcastle posts in here? why does it seem to appear like all you mackems seem to do is whinge about Newcastle United FC even more than us Geordies do?

    Concentrate on moaning on about your own #$%$ club a bit more often rather than being exeptionally bitter about ours!

    NUFC might be having a bad old time of it at this present moment, but it could a million times worse, WE COULD BE SUNDERLAND FC!!!

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