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  • Mick nufc Mick nufc Jun 30, 2007 06:45 Flag

    where's the big names ?

    welcome back boys..i dont make a habit of looking on your forum,nor come to gloat etc (not that we had much to shout about over the last couple of seasons)but im interested in what you's are thinking of the players that your brining in,compared to what you thought they may have been when murray was ousted and the takeover happend.to be honest and this takes some admitting, we were starting to worry a bit about the noises coming from your end, and us sleepwalking into a mess.you's know whats happend here in the last couple of weeks and i imagine are thinking "the maggies av done it again"but is there money for keane to spend ? i thoght he would have ne bother getting some names in but...
    anyway i wont say good luck for next season,but you wouldnt expect it.

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    • The moneys there Mick, he's not going to dive in aimless unless the players dead right for the club.It does make a nice change though even being associated with certain players instead of the dead beats of the past.Before August we will have added 3 0r 4 more names i guarantee it,

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      • Hi Michael (kilroy)
        gotta agree with the last post, mate, along with Birmingham I will be looking at your results as we are the new boys on the block next term. I haven't seen your lot in for anyone of note, and well, I never rated Nugent and still don't.

        Hope youre right about getting some new blood in, i have already earmarked Wigan, Bolton and Reading for the drop, with a possibility of Fulham/Derby as good reserves if any of the others play better than expected. The mackems always give us a good game, hope its ditto this season.