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  • viwer viwer Aug 12, 2007 16:23 Flag

    Roy's suit

    Good result but you must admit a bit lucky.
    Team looked a bit lightweight but got away with it -
    Dwight Yorke looked about 8 years past his use by date and a few of the players didn't look PL quality (McShane!!)

    But on more serious note - Where did RK get his suit, shirt and tie? He looked like one of the Iranian hostages stood on the byline

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    • I agree with the assesment of the team, as an interested outsider, I would say that you need 3/4 players to stay up, 2 of them being center halfs, and the other 2 being steely midfielders in the Keano mould.
      McShane would be average in a pub team, let alone the Premier league.

    • Sorry to have to say it but this was my point after the spurs game--- team too lightweight.

      McShane and few others simply not premier league standard he was exposed 5 times on saturday.

      Hope your season does not backfire

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      • January could be too late for us we are in with the dead men now and it could get worse.I said before the season began we have too many championship players ,you get punished dearly missing chances or defensive errors.How the hell Keane can play Etuhu ahead of a fit again Kavanagh is beyond me and many others,we could not attract top players pre season when our stock was higher ,what chance now?. Yorke, Cole ,Harte, been greats yes,but well past any influence on games now. and with one lone striker playing half decent what can we expect. hopefully the penny has finally dropped and the manager stops being so loyal to some of these players

    • well done with the result yesterday. you deserve the three points . YNWA

    • Obviously you were not at the SOL or watched the WHOLE game on tv. Spurs passed and moved better but flattered to decieve. We created the games better chances and never gave up such is the spirit that flows through this team now. Yorke was never really in it ,if we can replace that position with a player of guile and scoring ability together with a proven strike partner with a good first touch for Chopra that will be a decent team,and by the way mr muscle Mcshane and Noswothy were easily joint men of the match in handling 4 of the leagues top strikers admirably.