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  • viwer viwer Dec 11, 2007 21:57 Flag

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    In these difficult days - why not ask the 'legendary' Black Cats former player and manager Terry Butcher (left Brenford today after managing Scottish pub team which was relegated) to help Roy out?

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    • With regard to the transfer window,it`s not as simple as "who you need " it`s a case of who is prepared to come. Anelka was mentioned,but realistically he will probably have other,more attractive options. Nugent could be your best bet to play alongside Jones, Steve Sidwell would be a bit of a capture coz he can play a bit and I like the look of the lad Hunt from Reading who somebody mentioned earlier.Finding a proper centre half could be a problem,I thought Wes Brown could be your man but it now seems he is staying where he is until the summer.Apart from that you need Richardson and Edwards back a.s.a.p. I hope for your sakes that your manager signs a bit of quality this time, otherwise your gonna struggle yet again.