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  • rrichards rrichards Apr 20, 2008 23:09 Flag

    McShane - Give us a Clue

    What was he doing on a PL pitch?
    I thought it was a #$%$ up Sland supporter who'd ran on. When he was eventually taken off in the 88th minute I expected him to be put in the back of a police van.

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    • It might as well be Jason for what good he is ,how did i miss him off my list ?

    • McShame, Liam Miller, Andy Reid, all absolutly shocking. I thought they resorted to the aimless big boot far to often.

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      • He was playing at centre back that day. Can't say I agree with Jambo about Reid though he has superb touch and quick feet. Surely someone like Keane can motivate him to lose a couple of stone and become a quality player.
        Haven't heard anyone mentioning Keane's indirect (and totally correct) comments regarding Ferguson and his hypocritical remarks about the treatment of referees. Much as I agree with Roy do you think it may affect the likes of Evans, Richardson and Bardsley heading in your direction in the future?
        Anyway good luck for the rest of the season I am one mag who doesn't want you to go down and I think you are safe already anyway.

    • The whole burden of the game was put on the solo Jones sup front - and he caused some problems.
      Miller, Murphy, Mcshane and Couple of other not up to it. 5 booking, 5 handballs in the first half and some of the tackling was prison league stuff.

      Gordon done well in getting on top of the ball for the penalty - but then remembered himself and let the f*******g thing roll under him.

      *McSHANE??? 3 handballs which he got away with,
      *10 minutes behind Owen when he scored the 1st
      *Clumsy tackle on edge of the box which risked a penalty - but got away with it
      Headed into own net.

      A lot of sorting out to do.

    • As a mag, when I heard what team Keane had picked, any fears of a makem win went straight out the window. You could have still been playing now and you wouldn't have scored. It was a P*ss easy win made even easier by Keanes team selection. Its funny, we get slated off alleged football pundits and garbage media press for turning on our managers! I can't believe how you lads, as clued up about football as we are, sit by and believe this guy is your redemption. He's spent a pot of gold on boll***s players (chopra, Hartford, Cole, Yorke, Murphy, Jones, to name a few) you'll survive this season by the skins of your balls and Quinny say's his priority is pinning Roy Keane to the Club for the forseeable future?? I can't see him as your man and I think you'll be scrambling about at the #$%$ end of the table again next season, with another 50-60 million wasted on irish league players. As for the importance of the local derby......... Ruud Guillit once got it so wrong 8 years ago.......he was clearing his desk the next morning!

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      • Keane is a new manager and i think he knows the mistakes he has made and hopefully will learn from them next season. I would give him at least another season, sacking managers at the drop of a hat is not the way forward. He has only been in management for 2 years, in his first season he took us from the foot of the table to automatic promotion, in his second he has took us to the brink of safety which i for one would have settled for at the beginning of the season. Murphy was not keanes signing, he was mccarthys. Lastly to call jones #$%$ is ridiculous. he is one of the finds of the season in my mind. By some papers at the weekend liverpool, chelsea, arsenal, man city, and portsmouth are all interested in him so he must be doing something right.

    • I saw the game but missed the build up. Can anyone tell me what was wrong with evans and bardsley

    • Mcshane was pathetic but he was'nt the only one. I thought miller was totally out of his depth. We've got to get rid of the dead wood in the summer and bring in some proven quality. I thought keano was a bit negative in only playing one up front and when we went 2 behind he took too long to change things around. we got what we deserved.