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  • boddie boddie Aug 23, 2008 14:25 Flag

    New Signings make or bust?

    Ales, Stripe and anyone else who wants to talk football? What's your feelings about the 8 signings to date?

    You have to be fairly happy with what Keane has available for this season. Looking in from the outside, it seems a promising set up, with a huge worry festering behind it.

    Sunderland must have 40+ first teamers on their books now, that's a huge weekly wage bill; Keane is moaning that his out of favour players are refusing loan deals, happy to sit on the bench etc etc. Surely, he must take responsibility for that. He bought £50 million worth of sub standard players last season (excluding Jones) and he's piling them up again this season, allbeit a far better crop.

    Newcastle done similar season in season out and paid outrageous wages, in some cases they still do?. Not many realised that when Ashley took us over last season, we really were on the verge of collapse. Deals, far exceeding those of Keane's venture into the 'Irish' pool just about sunk us as a football club and whilst Sunderland don't have the likes of Luque, Marcelino, Boumsong etc to fester their accounts, they have an equally worrying situation of having 20+ players on full wages and lengthy contracts no body wants.

    The board look to be giving Keane a total free hand to buy, try and box back up if it doesn't work............then buy again!