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  • well as i said before bring your team and walk around my field the manure will freshen it up i see no hands no idea was supposed to be in goal again 69million spent ? 100 transfers no quailty no hope come roy stop moaning you can do it for sunderland stop up i mean i enjoyed 2 games you beat the toon and blackburn giving up is not like you

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    • I`m sad to see him go, he was doing a good job leading the mackems to relegation.
      Ha, ha, ha, ha.

    • sorry but its time mr keane walked away...we are #$%$..he cant manage to save his life..and as for asking everyday if you want to be sunderland manager who do you think you are???
      get out and let someone run the club who has passion and a will to win..you've had a contract in front of you for months and not signed it..maybe thats why the player dont care either...
      how can you ask them to play for you when they dont even think you wanna stay???
      get out man sunderland is no stepping stone bud..
      you were only good at united because you had good players around you..
      but as a manager you haven't got a clue mate..sorry but its true..
      come on quinn pull your finger out and get sum balls and tell to to shape up and sign or get out...
      if it was a player he would send them packing..he said that himself..he said if a player talked about leaving he would drive them himself..well start driving keane...lol,...f**king joke..